DV Medical Supply is a family-owned business in Gardena, California, with over three decades of experience in the distribution of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. It serves medical organizations such as dental facilities, animal clinics, and pharmacies, and aligns itself with customers to offer affordable product pricing and exemplary customer service. An authorized dealer of quality generics, DV Medical Supply also focuses on the accurate and reliable delivery of all products.

The company’s inventory includes an assortment of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, such as gloves, catheters, hypodermics, injectables, and ophthalmics. Pharmaceuticals are available in a variety of delivery forms that include tablets, capsules, and ointments. Hard to find medications can be ordered directly through phone or fax. Additionally, clients can securely order Schedule II controlled substances through the Controlled Substance Ordering System, a digital alternative to the traditional triplicate paper Form 222 managed by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Outside normal business procedures, DV Medical supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Guardians of Los Angeles, and ChildFund.